Challenges and Dreams

Health truly is everything to everyone. It affects every area
of our lives with both challenges and rewards — and ultimately,
it decides our very existence.

It also empowers dreams.

From NICU to
Nothing Can Stop Him
Healthy Nevada Project
Expands Study to 75,000
A Passion for
Tony & Jim

A Note About Health

and Healthcare.

At Renown Health, we are blessed beyond words to be surrounded and supported by people who are working tirelessly to see our common dream become reality: to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of every person in every community we serve.

Our appreciation runs deep. It begins with the patients, families, friends and neighbors who entrust us with their care and have made us Nevada’s most trusted, comprehensive and integrated health system.

Through your support and the fierce solidarity of our not-for-profit partners, the data, research and personal stories we share in the following pages are more inspiring and motivating than ever before. Together, they continue to prove the overwhelming value and absolute necessity of improving health — and healthcare — for everyone.

We also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the individuals and organizations who financially contribute to our efforts. Without your incredibly generous donations and encouragement, this unforgettable chapter in Renown’s evolving history could not have been written.

Thank you for standing with us, for engaging more deeply in your health and the health of others, and for supporting our efforts to give back and strengthen our community by elevating the lives, health and happiness of those who live — and dream — in Nevada.

Yours in good health,

James Signature
James DeVolld
Board Chair, Renown Health
Tony Slonim
Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPh, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer

Impact. Every Day.

It’s What We Do.

Renown is Nevada’s most preferred health system and we’re honored and humbled by the recognition.* As northern Nevada’s largest locally governed, not-for-profit healthcare network, we’re also keenly aware that our job is never done. There’s always more work to do, more people to be helped and more lives to be saved.

That’s why we reinvest every dollar we earn back into what we do best — caring for the communities we serve. We reinvest in programs. We reinvest in staffing. We reinvest in technology, treatments and training to enhance patient care in every way possible.

At Renown, that’s a big “we.” It takes a large group of smart, skilled, compassionate people to make such a difference and our team is thousands strong. We have more than 7,000* employees and are responsible for an additional 6,790* indirect jobs. One result of all that hard work? Renown has an impressive economic impact of $2.4 billion* for our region.

However, there’s an impact we cherish even more. It’s the remarkable, ongoing impact our exceptional care, programs and people have on the lives of men, women and children all over northern Nevada. We remain defiantly dedicated to helping heal, care for, support and improve the health and well-being of every person in every city, town, neighborhood and rural address within our ever-expanding reach.

It’s what we do today. What we’ll do tomorrow — and every day after that.

*Source: National Research Corporation 2018, Best Reputation
All figures as of FY2018

Join our talented community of healthcare professionals.

We believe

in Health.

Changing the health — and, therefore, the lives — of thousands of people for the better takes a laser-focused yet holistic set of beliefs. Beliefs that guide, motivate and inspire every person, idea, conversation, action, goal and outcome. Beliefs that reinforce the character and resolve needed to stay the course and get the job done.

Our mission, vision and values are the essence of what makes Renown, Renown. They are our unified soul and our collective breath.

They are what we believe.

Our Mission

Renown Health makes a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve.

Our Vision

Renown Health, with our partners, will inspire better health in our communities.

Our Values

Caring. Integrity. Collaboration. Excellence. These are words we live by.

Pictured in background (L-R): Jameson, Alison and Anthony Zimmerman, MD, Family Medicine