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A National Health Leader. Right Here.

Your address shouldn’t limit or define the quality of your healthcare. Whether you live on a ranch, in a city or a suburb, you and your family deserve and should expect to have access to the best care and treatment options available to anyone, anywhere in the country.

Renown wholeheartedly agrees. As a national health leader, we challenge ourselves to go above and beyond for the health of our entire community. We develop programs to help people live healthier, happier lives. We provide the region’s only Level II Trauma Center, serving over 1 million people and 100,000 square miles. We offer desperately needed health and medical services in remote, rural communities.

These on-going efforts and many others at Renown are made possible through the generous support of our donors, who also believe in providing industry-leading care where it’s needed — right here in Nevada.

Renown by the numbers

Fiscal Year 2018

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Licensed beds






Same-day surgeries



Hours served by our volunteers



ER patients treated

Music Therapy


Hours of music therapy

Rehab Patient


Rehabilitation patients

Pet Therapy


Patients visited by 25 Pet Therapy teams



Days of hospital care

Same Day Testing


Same-day tests and diagnosis

Doctors with Privileges


Doctors with privileges

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Our Board


Renown Health Board

The Renown Health Board

Back row, left to right: Todd McKenzie; Blake Smith; Adam Kramer; Steve Johnson; Alvaro Devia, MD; Clifford Deveny, MD; Mike Peterson.

Front row, left to right: Harvey Fennell; Christie Matteoni, MD; Tammy Dermody; Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH; Jim DeVolld; Kim Cooney; Jeff Resnik; Joanne Olsen, PhD, RN.

Renown Health Foundation Board

The Renown Health Foundation Board

Back row, left to right: Philip Landis, MD; Bruce Rodela; Robert Levy; Brian Cushard; Bijel Doshi; Don Bernard Sr.

Front row, left to right: Patricia Meidell; Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH; Stephanie Kruse; Harvey Fennell (chair); Sarah Carmona Zink.

Not pictured: Theodore Berndt, MD; Quinn Pauly, MD; Michael Rosenauer, Robert Winkel.

Hometown Health Board

The Hometown Health Management Company Board

Back row, left to right: Steve Johnson; Brian Moore; David Line; Brady Dolan; Eathan O’Bryant; Mark Knobel.

Front row, left to right: Jennifer Satre; Brian Loy; Ty Windfeldt; Dave Devereaux; Stephanie Lepori.

Not pictured: Marc Mora, MD; Bill Newberg; Bart Scott.

Our Committees

Renown Health Audit & Compliance Committee

  • Randy Brown
  • Kim Cooney
  • Mark Knobel
  • Stephanie Lepori
  • Brian Moore
  • Bill Newberg
  • Jeff Resnik
  • Marisa Whitesides

Renown Health Executive Committee

  • Kim Cooney
  • Jim DeVolld
  • Steve Johnson
  • Adam Kramer
  • Mike Peterson
  • Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH
  • Blake Smith

Renown Health Finance & Investment Committee

  • Dave Devereaux
  • Harvey Fennell
  • Brian Loy
  • Todd McKenzie
  • Ted Mulvaney
  • Eathan O’Bryant
  • Bart Scott

Renown Health Governance & Nominating Committee

  • Kim Cooney
  • Jim DeVolld
  • Adam Kramer
  • Todd McKenzie
  • Anthony Slonim, MD, DrPH

Renown Health Quality & Professional Affairs Committee

  • Eric Boyden
  • Kathleen Conaboy
  • Tammy Dermody
  • Alvaro Devia, MD
  • Brady Dolan
  • Bret Frey, MD
  • Bruce Kaplan, MD
  • Christi Matteoni, MD
  • Joanne Olsen, PhD, RN
  • Jennifer Satre
  • Ronnie Solaro

Financing a healthy future for Nevada

A battle worth winning.

Improving the health and wellness of an entire population of people is not easy or inexpensive.

Quite the contrary. It’s a Herculean task that challenges physical and financial resources at every turn. But it’s also a battle that Renown rightfully believes is worth fighting — for the future of Nevada.

And we’ve never been more committed to winning that fight.

Renown reinvests what we earn as a not-for-profit into expertise, new facilities, staffing, research and community service programs that benefit Nevadans. We are blessed to have charitable partners and generous donors whose funding helps to support and expand our efforts.

With these resources, we make the most of every dollar. From developing life-changing partnerships and new services to driving industry-leading genetic research in population health and disease prevention, every accomplishment we achieve is money well spent for our community.

And Renown promises to continue to make the most of what we have — and what we are given — to give back to the people and health of the state we all call home.